And our 2016 NEASIS&T Travel Award Winners are…


Anna Newman and Regina Raboin!

Anna Newman, who attends the Simmons College School of Library Information Science, is our student travel award winner.  She is also currently working part-time as the Research Data Manager Intern at the Harvard Medical School.  Regina Raboin is the Associate Director for Library Education and Research at at the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Lamar Soutter Library.   Both have chosen to attend this year’s ASIS&T RDAP (Research Data Access and Preservation) Summit in Atlanta, Georgia.

We received many impressive applications this year.  Anna and Regina demonstrated a compelling case for how their work or scholarship will have a positive impact on the community and each made an exceptionally strong case for how their attendance at RDAP will inform their scholarship and practice.

As is the tradition at NEASIS&T, we will have a summer event to congratulate and to get to know our travel award winners.  We will keep you posted on the details.

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